Hong Nguyen

Hong joined our lab in the summer of 2010. She transferred from a college in Vietnam to University of Texas – Austin to complete the B.S. degree in biochemistry. She performed undergraduate research in the lab of Dr. Andy Ellington, focusing on RNA aptamers for therapeutic and diagnostic purposes and other drug delivery vehicles.

Hearing from a mentor that different skill sets make a faculty candidate more desirable, Hong decided to try out mass spectrometry in the lab of Dr. Josephe Loo. She completely fell in love with it and the lab! Hong works on unknown modifications and protein sequences, which involves knowledge in mass spec methods, data mining, genomic sequences and transcription and translation processes.

Hong finished her PhD in September 2015 with a dissetation titled "Elucidating Syntrophic Metabolism through Noncanonical Protein Modifications and Protein Sequences."

After graduation, Hong stays in the lab to extend her work on protein modifications and to train herself on bioinformatics. Her final goal is to mentor graduate and undergraduate students doing research on PTM'ome using mass spectrometry and on proteogenomics - an integration of proteomics, genomics and transcriptomics.