Kate Liu

Kate joined the Loo lab in the Fall of 2014. She received her B.Sc. (Honors) degree in Chemistry at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. During her undergraduate study, she participated in an internship program where she obtained a wide variety of research experiences such as synthesis and characterization of PET tracers and MRI contrast agents. Realizing her interest in analytical chemistry, she did her honors project in the development of FRET-based biosensors through functionalization of quantum dot with dye-labeled peptides and DNAs. After graduation, she decided to expand her analytical skillset further and explored the field of mass spectrometry by working on a phosphoproteomics project at the Biomedical Research Center in UBC. Overtime, Kate developed a strong interest in mass spectrometry and decided to pursue it further in the Loo lab at UCLA. Her first project here is development of the Virtual 2D Gel method where MALDI-MS is substituted for SDS-PAGE dimension of a classical 2D PAGE. Her second project is biomarker discovery for ionizing radiation exposure. Her current work involves finding protein targets for radiation mitigation drugs in development.


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